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Web Icon Library

web icon library

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 210
  • Price: $64.00

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    Icon library for web site construction

    Your web pages will look more modern and attractive with Web Icon Library. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48. This icon library includes standard web icons.

    web icon library - icq online, icq offline, invisible, invisible for all, not available, smile, pleasure, girl, love, joy, site map v1, site map v2, site map v3, site map v4, site map v5, site map v6, site map v7, site map v8, site map v9, site map v10, home page v1, home page v2, home page v3, home page v4, home page v5 icon
    web icon library - home page v6, home page v7, home page v8, home page v9, home page v10, web page v1, web page v2, web page v3, web page v4, web page v5, web page v6, web page v7, web page v8, web page v9, web page v10, favourites v1, favourites v2, favourites v3, favourites v4, favourites v5, favourites v6, favourites v7, favourites v8, favourites v9, favourites v10 icon
    web icon library - print v1, print v2, print v3, print v4, print v5, search page v1, search page v2, search page v3, search page v4, search page v5, edit page v1, edit page v2, edit page v3, edit page v5, edit page v4, add page v1, add page v2, add page v3, add page v4, add page v5, delete page v1, delete page v2, delete page v3, delete page v4, delete page v5 icon
    web icon library - check page v1, check page v2, check page v3, check page v4, check page v5, remove page v1, remove page v2, remove page v3, remove page v4, remove page v5, lock page v1, lock page v2, lock page v3, lock page v4, lock page v5, restricted page v1, restricted page v2, restricted page v3, restricted page v4, restricted page v5, letter v1, letter v2, letter v3, letter v4, letter v5 icon
    web icon library - mail v1, mail v2, mail v3, mail v4, mail v5, read mail v1, read mail v2, read mail v3, read mail v4, read mail v5, search v1, search v2, search v3, search v4, search v5, edit v1, edit v2, edit v3, edit v4, edit v5, add folder v1, add folder v2, add folder v3, add folder v5, add folder v4 icon
    web icon library - delete folder v1, delete folder v2, delete folder v3, delete folder v4, delete folder v5, folder v1, folder v2, folder v3, folder v4, folder v5, search folder v1, search folder v2, search folder v3, search folder v4, search folder v5, user comment v1, user comment v2, user comment v3, user comment v4, user comment v5, edit comment v1, edit comment v2, edit comment v3, edit comment v4, edit comment v5 icon
    web icon library - add comment v1, add comment v2, add comment v3, add comment v4, add comment v5, delete comment v1, delete comment v2, delete comment v3, delete comment v4, delete comment v5, music v1, music v2, music v3, music v4, music v5, sound v1, sound v2, sound v3, sound v4, sound v5, no sound v1, no sound v2, no sound v3, no sound v4, no sound v5 icon
    web icon library - download music v1, download music v2, download music v3, download music v4, download music v5, download v1, download v2, download v3, download v4, download v5, upload v1, upload v2, upload v3, upload v4, upload v5, remove item v1, remove item v2, remove item v3, remove item v4, remove item v5, buy item v1, buy item v2, buy item v3, buy item v4, buy item v5 icon
    web icon library - bag v1, bag v2, bag v3, bag v4, bag v5, home v1, home v2, home v3, home v4, home v5 icon

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