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Small Toolbar Icons

small toolbar icons

Attractive interface icons for you software!

Small Toolbar Icons will breathe new life into your interfaces and will add great value to your product or website. This icon set is affordable, versatile and so complete that you will hardly need anything else to get the job done right in time!

small toolbar icons - save file, save as, save, save all, save picture, open file, open, folder, cut, copy, paste, printer, print, print preview, preview, landscape, portrait, undo, redo, refresh, refresh document, info, about, warning, error, problem, delete, erase, remove, add icon
small toolbar icons - install, uninstall, hourglass, stop, empty dustbin, full dustbin, empty trash can, full trash can, burning trash can, clockwise, counter clockwise, back, forward, down, left, right, up, no entry, no, cancel, close, turn off, yes, tick, ok, create, good mark, bad mark, hand, blue magnifier icon
small toolbar icons - view, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom, find on computer, find in folder, search text, find, search, search previous, search next, graphic tools, edit, red pencil, brush, clear, eraser, download, upload, update, eye, lookup, object manager, work area, new file, text file, graphic file, sound document, midi document icon
small toolbar icons - video file, multimedia file, film, secrecy, registration, keys, lock, unlock, trinket, usb drive, flash drive, compact disk, mouse, computer, monitor, monitors, scanner, scan, camera, telephone, check boxes, check options, options, settings, tools, gear, wrench, repair, repair computer, units icon
small toolbar icons - measure, properties, 3d bar chart, 3d graph, bar graph, pie chart, chart, graph, objects, component, filter, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, spell checking, abc, text replace, grid, screen settings, rulers, horizontal ruler, vertical ruler, ruler, set square, green set square, table, tables, datasheet, detasheets icon
small toolbar icons - music, music notes, yellow submarine, question, how to, help, anchor, pin, ring-buoy, steering wheel, sum, percent, dollar, money, visa card, maestro card, credit cards, certificate, roll, card file, list, lists, text, report, reports, blanks, calendar, notepad, notes, newspaper icon
small toolbar icons - knowledge, mail, e-mail, attach, book, books, book library, umbrella, shield, voice identification, firewall, internet access, access, login, keyboard, signature, stamp, database, calculator, brief case, user, user group, green user, users folder, user profile, clients, boss, engineer, manager, time icon
small toolbar icons - timer, clock, history, schedule, coffee, dumb-bells, tree, weather, genealogy, hierarchy, flow block, bluetooth, wireless, cable, earth, rss, bug, heart, star, red star, wizard, dice, construction, home, red house, microsoft flag, exit, open door, closed door icon

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 239
  • Price: $49.95

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