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Medical Icons for Vista

medical icons for vista

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 360
  • Price: $129.00

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    Make a medical website or software nice

    Medical Icons for Vista has been created to eliminate any misconceptions arising while viewing a medical webpage or operating a medical program. The variety of icons on the medicine-related topic will help the user to get the right meaning instantly.

    medical icons for vista - health care, health care sh, health care shield, health care shield sh, shield, shield sh, insurance, insurance sh, ambulance car, ambulance car sh, medical bag, medical bag sh, first-aid, first-aid sh, medical insurance, medical insurance sh, boss, boss sh, head physician, head physician sh, physician, physician sh, doctor, doctor sh, surgeon icon
    medical icons for vista - surgeon sh, hospital nurse, hospital nurse sh, appointment, appointment sh, optometrist, optometrist sh, cardiologist, cardiologist sh, urologist, urologist sh, stomatologist, stomatologist sh, veterinary, veterinary sh, psychoanalyst, psychoanalyst sh, druggist, druggist sh, search nurse, search nurse sh, search doctor, search doctor sh, doctor info, doctor info sh icon
    medical icons for vista - receptionist, receptionist sh, secretary, secretary sh, hygienist, hygienist sh, scientist, scientist sh, professor, professor sh, computer doctor, computer doctor sh, tooth, tooth sh, bad tooth, bad tooth sh, check tooth, check tooth sh, remove tooth, remove tooth sh, delete tooth, delete tooth sh, temporary tooth, temporary tooth sh, tooth status icon
    medical icons for vista - tooth status sh, sound tooth, sound tooth sh, tooth-brush, tooth-brush sh, tooth-paste, tooth-paste sh, hollywood smile, hollywood smile sh, mouth, mouth sh, heart, heart sh, patient-man, patient-man sh, patient-woman, patient-woman sh, pregnancy, pregnancy sh, baby boy, baby boy sh, baby girl, baby girl sh, patient-boy, patient-boy sh icon
    medical icons for vista - patient-girl, patient-girl sh, adult patient-boy, adult patient-boy sh, adult patient-girl, adult patient-girl sh, patients, patients sh, add patient, add patient sh, edit patient, edit patient sh, check patient, check patient sh, remove patient, remove patient sh, delete patient, delete patient sh, patient info, patient info sh, search patient, search patient sh, patient warning, patient warning sh, deseased icon
    medical icons for vista - deseased sh, angel, angel sh, anatomy, anatomy sh, thermometer, thermometer sh, syringe, syringe sh, vaccination, vaccination sh, vaccinations, vaccinations sh, ampoule, ampoule sh, ampoules, ampoules sh, test tubes, test tubes sh, blood test, blood test sh, tablets, tablets sh, pill, pill sh icon
    medical icons for vista - pills, pills sh, drugs, drugs sh, tablet, tablet sh, viagra, viagra sh, propecia, propecia sh, drug, drug sh, natural drug, natural drug sh, phial, phial sh, drug basket, drug basket sh, empty basket, empty basket sh, retort, retort sh, structure, structure sh, atom icon
    medical icons for vista - atom sh, dna, dna sh, genetics, genetics sh, spray, spray sh, microscope, microscope sh, search, search sh, balance, balance sh, stethoscope, stethoscope sh, cut, cut sh, documents, documents sh, case history, case history sh, books, books sh, book library, book library sh icon
    medical icons for vista - mail, mail sh, address book, address book sh, card file, card file sh, questionnaire, questionnaire sh, calendar, calendar sh, report, report sh, reports, reports sh, all reports, all reports sh, blanks, blanks sh, list, list sh, medical invoice, medical invoice sh, medical invoice information, medical invoice information sh, medical invoice paid icon
    medical icons for vista - medical invoice paid sh, cheque sh, cheque, bar-code, bar-code sh, bar-code scanner, bar-code scanner sh, account, account sh, accounts, accounts sh, sick-list, sick-list sh, certificate, certificate sh, knowledge, knowledge sh, label, label sh, cardiogram, cardiogram sh, baby carriage, baby carriage sh, wheelchair, wheelchair sh icon
    medical icons for vista - medical store, medical store sh, store, store sh, box, box sh, brief case, brief case sh, tag, tag sh, call bell, call bell sh, emergency, emergency sh, call, call sh, dark hand, dark hand sh, ok, ok sh, good mark, good mark sh, bad mark, bad mark sh, palm icon
    medical icons for vista - palm sh, index, index sh, ear, ear sh, brain, brain sh, brain probe, brain probe sh, eye, eye sh, view, view sh, eye chart, eye chart sh, spectacles, spectacles sh, genealogy, genealogy sh, demography, demography sh, university, university sh, hospital, hospital sh icon
    medical icons for vista - drugstore, drugstore sh, green cross 3d, green cross 3d sh, green cross, green cross sh, red cross, red cross sh, red cross and crescent, red cross and crescent sh, disaster, disaster sh, bio hasard, bio hasard sh, radiation, radiation sh, x-ray, x-ray sh, poison, poison sh, death, death sh, skull, skull sh, coffin icon
    medical icons for vista - coffin sh, grave, grave sh, gift, gift sh, recycling sh, recycling, food, food sh, porridge, porridge sh, apple, apple sh, four-leafed clover, four-leafed clover sh, hemp leaf, hemp leaf sh, tree, tree sh, relaxation, relaxation sh, flower, flower sh, bacteria, bacteria sh icon
    medical icons for vista - rat, ratsh, bug, bug sh, mosquito, mosquito sh, health, health sh, pets, pets sh icon

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