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Database Icon Set

database icon set

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 147
  • Price: $99.00

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    Toolbar and menu icons for database software

    Database Icon Set is a collection of appealing hand-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information web sites and presentations. The icons have bright color palette, smooth and well-rounded edges.

    database icon set - database, database v2, database v3, blue cube, add record, delete record, edit record, apply, next record, previous record, first record, last record, go back, go forward, fast back, fast forward, copy record, new database, copy database, destroy database, backup data, restore data, edit data, undo changes, redo changes icon
    database icon set - search data, remote database, security, link, relations, flow block, database access, connect database, disconnect database, critical error, bookmark, settings, locked database, unlocked database, snapshot, script, sql, sql navigator, new, document, clear document, text file, graphic file, 3d bar chart, bar graph icon
    database icon set - pie chart, chart, graph, admin, key keeper, locked user, locked users, user, users, user group, user group v2, security guard, login, access, undo, redo, refresh, back, back v2, close, close-light, close-dark, close-red, no, delete v2 icon
    database icon set - add v2, remove, no entry, cancel, yes v3, question, support, info, hint, help, how to, sum, sum v2, percent, dollar, money, pc-pda synchronization, conversion of currency, pc-web synchronization, data transmission, earth, internet application, download, upload, update icon
    database icon set - hourglass, stop, filter, data filter, data filters, binoculars, search v2, search v4, search next, search previous, lookup, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, edit, object manager, event manager, form editor, registration, voice identification, options, tools, wrench, repair icon
    database icon set - check boxes, check options, server, disconnect db, usb-drive, network connection, printer, table, tables, table v2, datasheet, table v3, datasheets, reports, list, list v2, card file, properties, cd-disk, cd, dvd, burn cd icon

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