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Business Icon Set

business icon set

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 254
  • Price: $99.00

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    Spice up your application with fine icons

    Business Icon Set is a collection of fine-looking stock icons for use in software and on websites. Icons come in such categories as Business, Finances, Transport, Money, Computer and Reports. They are delivered in a variety of formats and sizes.

    business icon set - dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen, percent, sum, sum v2, conversion of currency, exchange, coin, coins, fengshui coin, money, money v2, money v3, money bag, money bag v2, money bag v3, income, banknote, bundle, collection of a check, lock, open lock, keys icon
    business icon set - registration, key and lock, diamond, piggy-bank, safe, safecrack, auction, trading, atm, bank, purse, bankruptcy, trade, purchase, payment, pay, credit, fire damage, burn money, umbrella, insurance, medical insurance, interest on deposit, mortgage loan, personal loan icon
    business icon set - automobile loan, transportation costs, repair costs, fuel expenses, mortgage loan interest payment, automobile loan interest payment, tax, price list, earnings, advertisement, hand cart, card terminal, visa card, credit cards, cash register, cash register v2, calculator, calculator v2, book-keeping, bar-code, bar-code scanner, accountant, financier, marketer, realtor icon
    business icon set - notary, book-keeper, police-officer, security guard, thief, publicity agent, engineer, managers, market woman, unemployed, customers, meeting, themis, handcuffs, gift, handshake, ok, good mark, bad mark, login, signature, stamp, rectangular stamp, brief case, baby carriage icon
    business icon set - wheelchair, car keys, car, cars, jeep, hummer, cabriolet, pick-up, laden pick-up, bus, red bus, panel truck, trailer, lorry, ambulance car, excavator, bulldozer, wheeled tractor, train, tank truck, fork-lift truck, motorcycle, courier, air-freighter, airplane icon
    business icon set - helicopter, satellite, ship, yacht, air-tickets, railway, freight car, freight container, tank-wagon, metal barrel, pipe line, road, handbag, baggage, coconut tree, tourist industry, tourist business, hotel, compass, earth, globe, recycling, ring-buoy, goods, box icon
    business icon set - pallet, store, medical store, pill, e-books, database, 3d bar chart, pie chart, bar graph, chart, balance, blanks, list, list v2, properties, table, tables, table v2, table v3, documents, book of record, report, reports, cheque, certificate icon
    business icon set - case history, card file, notepad, notes, calendar, book, account books, help, newspaper, server, computer, notebook, visual communication, printer, scanner, phone, telephone, telephone receiver, phone support, voice identification, fax, cellphone, portable radio transmitter, pda, palm icon
    business icon set - camcorder, camera, mouse, gamepad, web-camera, usb-drive, flash drive, tv, clock, clock v2, timer, pc-web synchronization, pc-pda synchronization, internet payment, radio transmitter v2, message, e-mail, music, question, pen, pencil, green pencil, writing pencil, units, scales icon
    business icon set - wrench, options, settings, shield, swords, search, binoculars, flower, tree, genealogy, first-aid, no smoking, death, grave, playing cards, bug, bee, bear, bull, apple, coffee, favorites, luck, disaster, property icon
    business icon set - construction, building construction, red house, home icon

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